Murray Monday Minute: THIS WEEK: SB 320

Posted on 06-29-2022

See comments received from a Milton resident:

The Delaware Constitution REQUIRES a 2/3 vote over two consecutive sessions to allow for absentee voting. 

SB 320 outright ignores the constitutional and legal process to change the Delaware Constitution. This bill uses a simple majority rule to establish vote by mail and is an outright attempt to illegally and shamefully skew and control the 2022 mid-term elections.  We The People demand that ALL legislation be constitutionally procedural, legal, and fully represent the law-abiding, tax-paying citizenry in the State of Delaware.

THIS BILL IS AN ABUSE OF POWER and will not continue to move forward in a vacuum!  A one party, majority legislature has abused its power far too many times to be ignored.

The Voters are aware of this abuse of power and We The People will not forget‼️