Murray Monday Minute:

Posted on 09-17-2022

The Disfunction of Kathy Jennings! PART 2

If you didn’t know it, Kathy Jennings is using the tag line “Delivering for Delaware.”  I have decided that I am going to spend some Murray Monday Minutes expanding on how she has delivered for Delaware – in a bad way.

Greetings Team Murray!

56 days to go…I wish the election were tomorrow!

From what I have been told, the relationship has not improved since then.  The officers that I have spoken with say that the relationship is completely broken that they have no faith that arrests they have made will actually get prosecuted.  

I can confirm that I have been told by MANY officers that the same defendant has recycled through a department multiple times.  This is because charges are being dropped or reduced so that there is no jail time.  It has to stop!

This week I discussed the actual number of shootings since Jennings took office.  It is staggering.

We can’t do this without your support so please stay engaged!

Remember that on November 8 you have to vote like your life depends on it – it does.

Stay Fearless…

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