Multiple Sussex County Legislator Constituents’ Coffee recording:

Posted on 03-07-2023

PHOTO HIGHLIGHTS from last week’s morning coffee meeting at the Long Neck CHEER Center

Left to right: State Rep. Ruth Briggs King; State Senator Brian Pettyjohn; State Rep. Jeff Hilovsky

If you haven’t already, please send an email to and voicing your opposition and tell them why this is bad for Delaware. Please include your state legislators.*

Thank you to everyone who joined Rep. Briggs King, Hilovsky, and me this morning at our joint constituent coffee. 

The vast majority of the conversation surrounded the electric vehicle mandate, and rightfully so. As I have stated before, this regulation will have far-reaching negative impacts beyond what we can even imagine at this time, and my colleagues and I will continue fighting against it.

My colleagues – Senator Brian Pettyjohn and newly elected Rep. Jeff Hilovsky – and I very much appreciated the approximately 70 people who took the time to attend.

It was a great discussion on local and state issues impacting our communities. One of the main topics that came up centered on the ongoing concerns as they relate to DNREC’s proposed regulation that would ban the sale of all new gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035 in Delaware.

If you weren’t able to attend in person, check out the livestream here or the recording.

Recorded link from Rep. Jeff Hivovsky:

EV Mandate Call to Action!!

This must be stopped.

Please contact Governor John Carney (, 302-577-8154) and DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin ( and tell them you oppose their mandate.

Be sure to also include your local legislators.

You can click here to find out who your legislators are.