MILFORD, Del.- Ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, and brave men and women talking about what makes each one significant to their job.

Taking children and adults inside each vehicle and having them see their significance to first responders and their daily work. Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long stopped by to show her support.

“We have the opportunity not only to bring forth our first responders but working in the community,” Hall-Long said. “When we work together whether it be behavioral health or physical response or safety as a community it’s so important.”

Milford was scheduled to host a national night out but Sergeant Robert Masten said there was uncertainty around COVID-19 which made it difficult to ensure the event would comply with state guidelines.

“Our national night out we elected to cancel because we weren’t sure in the spring we could get those plans together and finalize what the permissions would be come August,” Masten said. “So we elected for an event to honor first responders and that’s when the idea of a ‘Touch a Truck’ came about.”

It rose to the occasion as people came out in bunches. Families spending an evening seeing what each department could offer and met some four-legged friends along the way.

In support of first responders, people posted encouraging messages to a Milford police car. 36th District Representative Bryan Shupe said a conversation that he had with his daughter made him want to put this event on even more.

“Our neighbors, they’re both husband and wife and are Delaware State policemen,” Shupe said. “And he was coming home from work and it was about 6:30 in the morning. And she said Mr. Ryan where is he coming from? I said he’s coming home from work. And she said, well he worked all night? And I got to tell her that yes while we sleep in our beds, he goes out and makes sure that we’re safe.”

Milford’s revised night out also included first doses of COVID-19 vaccines and a school supply drive with supplies going to students. Displays of a community coming together and thanking people in tough professions.