Mike Uffner invites you to June 9th Lee Murphy for U.S. Congress Event!

Posted on 05-19-2022


Dear Friends,


Please join me and the others on the host committee for an event to support Lee Murphy for Congress on June 9, 2022. Nothing is more important during these times than to Defend our Democracy.


We have a competitive race for Congress in Delaware and many are preparing for a resounding change in Washington, D.C.


Lee Murphy received nearly 197,000 votes in a four-way race in 2020, winning the machine ballot despite Joe Biden being at the top of the ticket. Statewide mail-in balloting amid fears of Covid also skewed the results.


In 2022, Lee will be at the top of the ticket and there should be no extraordinary mail-in ballot situation.  Lee Murphy is enthusiastically working very hard and anticipates results that we haven’t had in Delaware for quite some time.


We have invited to speak an interesting supporter who can give us his perspective on Defending Democracy from the public servant side of the equation.


Please see the enclosed flyer and either make arrangements to attend or to support Lee’s campaign with a generous donation. Go to www.GoMurph.com/events.


I hope to see you on June 9th!

Mike Uffner

Michael S. Uffner

Box 4427

Greenville, Delaware 19807


Campaign Events RSVP: 

Sherry@goMurph.com or (302) 304-3308

Purchase tickets at www.GoMurph.com/EVENTS