Mike Castle, former Delaware Governor and Congressman Endorsement! Lee is my choice for Congressman:

Posted on 09-09-2022

Fellow Delawarean,

I’m Mike Castle, former Delaware Governor and Congressman. There is no other Republican who is better suited to represent our best interests than Lee Murphy. Lisa Blunt Rochester votes with Pelosi and against our interests 100% of the time.

The latest polling shows Lee is within striking distance of Lisa. Let’s keep the momentum going by helping Lee raise an additional $125,000 for the final stretch to November freedom! Help us get it done and donate today!

It is my pleasure and honor to personally endorse Lee’s campaign. His character and resolve are without a doubt exactly what Delaware families need during this time of tumult and divisiveness demonstrated by far-left D.C. Democrats.

Link: GoMurph- Elect Lee Murphy!

Join Former Governor Mike Castle in Supporting
Lee Murphy
Lisa Blunt Rochester votes with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time. Let’s elect Lee Murphy to replace her!
Support Lee Murphy for US Congress!

Please join me in supporting our next Congressman who will seize the day this November >>

It is clear the anti-American far-left is now in control of the Democrat party, and their policies are clearly destroying hardworking families’ lives and pocketbooks.

This is in stark contrast to when I was in office – back then, we definitely had our differences between parties, and there was vigorous debate, but it was (mostly) honest and communicative… not anymore.

Democrats have largely pigeonholed themselves into a socialist corner, and it’s demonstrably denigrating anyone that holds to traditional American values. They have destroyed decency within themselves.

I’m more than confident Lee Murphy is the commonsense conservative who will deliver results, not rhetoric. Take this opportunity to donate $20.22, $50, $100, or any amount you can today so together, we can help make this happen for Delaware.

Thank you for allowing me this time to connect with you, and for supporting Lee Murphy.

Always in service,

Mike Castle

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707 Lore Ave

Wilmington, DE 19809-3050

GoMurph- Elect Lee Murphy!