Message to Sussex County from Eastern Sussex Republican Club Pres. Kevin E. Burdette

Posted on 07-16-2020


“Sometimes we need to look at our past so that we can appreciate our heritage and aid us in predicting our future.  The unbalanced social times that we are currently in makes me really think that we as Americans need to look back to our founders for some guiding advise and directives.  I have attached a Link to a historian David Barton???s presentation on somethings that you never heard about America.  It is not short (about 35 minutes long) so sit back, relax and listen.  I am willing to bet that some of you will actually back up sections so that you can hear again what Barton says.  He does talk fast but covers a wealth of historic facts in the 35 minutes.  With the ELECTIONS coming upon us, this video presentation may inspire some of us to work a little harder for our Candidates.  We as Sussex Countians, Delawareans and American have a lot on the line during this election.  I hope that you enjoy. “

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Kevin E. Burdette


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