Message from the Chairwoman!

Posted on 08-07-2021

We are two-thirds of the way through the summer.  This means that children will be returning to school soon – we think?  or should that be hope?  Hopefully this year will be far different from last and all of the children will be present in class every day and not wearing masks.  I certainly don’t blame parents for having this as a concern as the school year approaches.  However, there is another issue that parents should find disconcerting.  I’m talking about Critical Race Theory.
On July 29th, Heritage Action for America sponsored a panel discussion about Critical Race Theory.  The discussion addressed CRT in our schools, the military and the workplace.  To provide background and context for this damaging ideology, Jonathan Butcher, a scholar and writer for Heritage, described the history of Critical Race Theory and how it has evolved over the decades.  The panel consisted of parents, a West Point graduate and veteran as well as an employment and labor attorney.  One of the panelists, Xi Van Fleet, drew on her first hand knowledge of how a country can be transformed to an authoritarian nation.  Ms. Van Fleet lived through the cultural revolution in China and was able to outline parallels between what Mao and his loyalists did in China to what we are seeing in our country today.
You may hear that Delaware schools are NOT teaching Critical Race Theory.  As usual, the Left is excellent at euphemisms.  If you hear double talk such as “transitional transformative social education;” “social justice;” “culturally relevant teaching;” or “equity” know that  the speaker is talking about Critical Race Theory.  With the passage of HB 198, the General Assembly involved themselves in public school curricula – a very unusual undertaking by elected officials.  This legislation amends the Delaware code to require every public and charter school to establish and implement a curriculum of Black History for grades K – 12.  This law is a the Left’s way of getting Critical Race Theory into the curriculum of our schools without being naming what it is.
Certainly we should all know and understand black history and how this population has enriched our country.  We should also know and understand Asian history and Irish history and Italian history.  In fact every ethnic group has contributed to the story that is the United States.  Our diversity is part and parcel to our success as a nation.
If you were unable to attend or live-stream the panel discussion the other night, the link below will take you to a recording of the event.  Please share it with anyone who may be interested in what our children are being taught and in particular, parents of school-aged children.
Enjoy the rest of the Summer.
Marilyn Booker
Link to recorded CRT Panel Discussion: