Posted on 05-02-2022





What does it mean? defines complacency as “a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like, self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc.”




What does it mean? Lack of interest, or concern, indifference – Merriam-Webster


If you’re wondering just what this has to do with anything, let me assure you, this is not meant to be a spelling or vocabulary lesson. This is meant to be a reminder to each of us to consider what “complacency” and “apathy” mean and how these traits affect election outcomes.


As an example, on November 3, 2020, I was the Representative District Chair in the 38th RD.  Sporting my hot pink “Women for Trump” tee shirt on that Election Day, I stopped at Hocker’s for gas so I would be able to make the rounds of the polling places in my district.  While I was waiting for my tank to fill, I noticed two pick-up trucks in the next bay each sporting MAGA bumper stickers.  Knowing that the owners were “friendlies” I approached the vehicle owners who were chatting with each other.  Feeling rather excited about the election, I asked them, “Have you voted yet?”  I was surprised when each of them told me that, “No,” they hadn’t voted, and they weren’t planning to do so because after all, “He’s gonna win anyway!” Well, we all know how that worked out!


If you expect that the status quo will remain in place, sadly, you are mistaken.  Who would ever have thought that statues honoring our founding fathers would be desecrated and removed from the public square by far left-wing politicians?  Who would ever believe that murderers would be released without punishment back into society by progressive DA’s backed by George Soros?  Did you ever think that children would be made to feel embarrassed and shamed at school because they are white, have English as their primary language, and their parents are married?  Did you ever in your wildest nightmares think that the White House would have the effrontery to suggest a Disinformation Governance Board? First Amendment anyone? And the list goes on.


Apathy and complacency among voters are the enemies of successful elections. Indifference or support of the “status quo” among voters are some of the attitudes that have lost elections in the past and have left us with the mess we are experiencing today.  Considering the state of our state and the state of the nation, are these acceptable?  I don’t know anyone who is happy, and in my heart, I know we can do better.  If we support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; if we expect that our children will receive and education and not an indoctrination; if we expect our elected officials to be accountable to “We the People;” we must participate in the political process.  Recently, one of my favorite quotes is, “If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools” Plato. Folks, it appears we are there!


We are at the beginnings of the summer season. The days will be longer and warmer. Let’s prepare for a very exciting, active campaign season in which we have volunteers in every neighborhood speaking to their neighbors about our candidates, Republican values, and how these are important to our freedoms.


I’m requesting that each of you take the Organized Voter Registration certification the Department of Elections offers. You can find the schedule of the online or in-person trainings here:  When you determine which class you would like to take, contact Rebecca Argo at the Department of Elections.  Her number is: (302) 739-4498. We need to be certain that every freedom-loving Delawarean is registered to vote. When you are canvassing in your Election Districts, make sure you take some Voter Registration applications with you.  Voters may register, change their party affiliations, and update any other information on this form.


I am once again asking for you to volunteer.  If you’re not sure what you want to do or what volunteer opportunities are available, check out the “Volunteer Application here:  For those who are unsure of what you’d like to do, we are providing trainings and workshops.  Election District Committeeman/woman and volunteer training is available on May 3rd at 6 PM. We are repeating this session on May10th and 17th.  We will be meeting at the GOP office 131 E. Market Street in Georgetown.  If you wish to participate in one of these sessions, please register here:


Finally, we are looking for volunteers to man the GOP Office.  As the election season heats up, we will need more staff to answer the phone, greet visitors, hand out candidate literature and campaign signs.  Training for this position will be 6 PM on May 4th at the GOP office.  You can register here:  Sussex GOP Office Training – Sussex GOP.


Know that we have amazing opportunities in our county and country this year and we should all be excited.  We are counting on each of you to step up and take action!  VOLUNTEER! “Let’s do something small to change something big!”