Message from the Chair July 2022

Posted on 07-04-2022

                                                                                                                                                July 4, 2022

Greetings, Fellow Republicans and Happy Independence Day!

Please take a moment and remember how privileged and blessed we are to live in this great nation.  But along with these privileges and blessings, comes the responsibility of actively working to preserve our God-given freedoms and rights for all.  The brilliance of our Founding Fathers in designing this democratic republic and authoring our Constitution cannot be overstated.

With the State Convention behind us, it’s time to get down to business and make things happen!

  The Statewide candidates who received the Party endorsement are:

Lee Murphy for U.S. Congress

Julianne Murray for Delaware Attorney General

Greg Coverdale for Delaware Treasurer

Janice Lorrah for Delaware Auditor of Accounts

Our current Region Rules require that we remain neutral on any local races in which there is a Republican Primary.  The final day for filing is July 12th at noon.  As of today, this is the landscape for local candidates.  Those in BLUE are in primaries.  Those in RED have Democrat Opponents.  Those in PURPLE have a primary as well as Democrat opponents.

Senate candidates in Sussex County.

Senate District 6 – Steve Smyk

Senate District 18 – Dave Wilson

Senate District 19 – Brian Pettyjohn

Senate District 20 – Gerald Hocker

Senate District 21 – Bryant Richardson

House candidates in Sussex County

Representative District 4 – Jeff Hilovsky

Representative District 4 – Bradley Layfield

Representative District 14 – Carl Phelps

Representative District 20 – Dallas Wingate

Representative District 35 – Jesse Vanderwende

Representative District 36 – Bryan Shupe (I)

Representative District 36 – Patrick Smith

Representative District 37 – Ruth Briggs King

Representative District 38 – Ron Gray

Representative District 39 – Danny Short

Representative District 40 – Tim Dukes

Representative District 41 – Rich Collins

Row Offices in Sussex County

Register of Wills – Ellen Magee (I)

Register of Wills – Greg Fuller

Register of Wills – Candace Wilkinson

Recorder of Deeds – Scott Dailey (I)

Recorder of Deeds – Alexandra Baker

Sheriff – Robert Lee

We would like to schedule 2 canvassing events for our candidates in SD 6, RD 14, and RD 20.  After the voters decide who our nominees will be for the general election, we will begin our work for those candidates. If you are able to assist on July 23 and/or July 30 please reply to this email.  We will meet at 10 AM to door-knock and drop literature.  We will be canvassing for about 3-4 hours.  The meeting place is TBD.  This call to action is not just for those of you who live in those districts.  We need everyone to help us focus on these areas.  PLEASE be willing to help.  It’s time to step up!


Finally, please go to www.SUSSEXGOP.ORG and review the volunteer requests for the Freedom Festival we are hosting on October 7th and 8th This is our major fundraiser for the year.  We will kick-off the weekend with a banquet at the Rusty Rudder on the evening of October 7th Stephen Moore, Senior Economic Advisor to President Trump is our keynote speaker.

For the Festival on Saturday, we have an outstanding line-up of nationally known speakers including Colonel Oliver North, Stephen Moore, and Doug Collins, previous Georgia Congressman. In addition, we will be hosting local speakers to include Abraxas Hudson of the Medical Freedom Alliance, Jeff Hague, President of the Delaware State Sportsman’s Association, Nicole Theis, President of the Delaware Family Policy Council, and Larry Mayo of the Institute on the Constitution.  Attendees will also hear from our statewide and local candidates.  This is a family-friendly event to include local vendors, book signings, food trucks, great music, car convoys and first responder events to include a K-9 demonstration. 

You can volunteer and purchase tickets to the scheduled events on our website:

Sussex GOP

Please remember, “If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, you are doomed to be ruled by fools!”  Plato


God bless you all and God bless Delaware and the United States of America!

Marilyn Booker, Chair

Sussex County Republican Committee