Message from RNC Chair

Posted on 11-19-2022

Dear Republican National Committee Members,

First, it is official, we have retired Nancy Pelosi and taken back the House!

Second, thank you for joining me on the call this week to discuss the ups and downs of the recent election as we chart a path to taking back the Senate and White House in 2024. I said on the call I would only run for Chairman again if it is the will of the members, and I appreciate how many of you have reached out with support and encouraged me to run for another term. We are a member body, and your vote is what matters most.

For that reason, I will seek another term as RNC Chairman. I look forward to speaking with each of you directly in the coming weeks to discuss the future of our Party.

The results from last Tuesday were not everything we had hoped, and while I am proud of successes we had, I am also aware there are lessons to be learned and there is always room for improvement. Therefore, I am setting up a post-election analysis committee, which will be co-chaired by Henry Barbour and Harmeet Dhillon. This committee will assess where the Party excelled and where we need to improve, especially in the clear underperformance among independent voters that we saw last Tuesday and offer ideas as to how we do better in the future.

This turned out to be a much more difficult election environment than we anticipated and had the RNC not run the GOTV program we did, raised the money we did, and operated the ground game and Election Integrity program we did, then Nancy Pelosi would still be the Speaker of the House. The RNC must continue to invest in the critical infrastructure that will lead to success in 2024.

This cycle, our ground game produced over 4 million more voters than the Democrats in the popular vote. In every battleground state, except one, we won at the statewide level which means our turnout worked. In Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, and Ohio we saw sweeps of statewide offices, including critical Supreme Court seats. Every single incumbent Governor and Senator won re-election and we flipped three statewide offices in Nevada, including the Governor. We also won a congressional seat in Guam for the first time in nearly 30 years. 

Our efforts in voter registration and our 38 community centers made a difference in this election. Going into 2016, Florida Democrats had a 330,000-voter registration advantage over Republicans. Today, Florida Republicans outnumber Democrats by 290,000 voters. We also registered more Republican voters, either closing the gap or widening our lead, in key states like Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Iowa, which led to strong Republican turnout across the country and Republican wins.

Additionally, our unmatched investment in minority communities paid off, with early exit polls showing Hispanic and Asian support for the GOP jumped 10 and 17 points respectively, and Black voters shifting 4 points to the right. We had the best midterm performance ever with Hispanics, and in Florida, Republicans won a majority of the Hispanic vote. Our community centers worked to deliver historic wins for diverse candidates including Monica De La Cruz, Michelle Steele, Juan Ciscomani, Anna Paulina Luna, Jen Kiggans, and Tony Gonzales.

Together, we grew our Party from the grassroots up by investing more than ever before in our state and territory parties, ultimately transferring funds to all 56. Our standalone Election Integrity program was launched at the start of the cycle, and by Election Day we filed over 80 lawsuits in 20 battleground states and activated tens of thousands of poll watchers and poll workers in key precincts across the country to ensure transparency in our elections.

From cutting ties with the biased Commission on Presidential Debates, taking on Big Tech and suing Google, strengthening our Party’s partnerships with our sister committees, selecting our 2024 RNC Convention city and working ahead to select the host city for 2028, the RNC accomplished so much this cycle to advance our Party.

I would also like to take the time to thank my friend and our Co-Chair Tommy Hicks for his years of service to our Party. Tommy has been a tremendous partner in support of our great Republican candidates, and I wish him the very best in his next chapter.

With the Presidential race already underway and the RNC having a critical role in administering an election where the voters (not D.C. insiders) choose their nominee, we cannot take our foot of the gas now and we must continue the investments that we know are working. That process begins in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Once the voters decide and our nominee reaches the necessary threshold of delegates, we will coalesce behind our nominee as we defeat Joe Biden and take back the Senate.

Our objective coming into the 2022 election was to win a majority in the House of Representatives and we did that.

Our objective for 2024 is very clear: to win the White House, win the Senate, and protect the House. We have fought through adversity to put ourselves in a position to achieve victory, and everything we have built at the RNC has prepared us for this moment. I look forward to working with you all to carry out this mission.

With races yet to be called, and the Georgia runoff to elect Herschel Walker, I want to stay focused on closing out this election cycle. However, I look forward to continuing this conversation and sharing a vision with you all soon on how we can continue to work together to keep our Party united and elect Republicans up and down the ballot next cycle.

We live in the greatest country in the world, and it is truly a privilege to work alongside every one of you to strengthen our Party and nation.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me directly at any time with questions and feedback. I look forward to seeing you all soon!