Memorial Day

Posted on 05-28-2022

Memorial Day


~ Remember to Remember ~

There was a time,

so very long ago,

I walked the streets too,

the same life you do know.

I lived and I loved,

I had a family just like you,

that’s what life is about,

that’s what people do.

Long dead and buried,

it is here that I now reside,

near my family in hallowed ground,

gently side by side.

The people gather as they arrive,

with flowers and flags they pray,

pay tribute to those that have passed,

each in their own special way.

Days will pass the seasons will change,

people will dwell each and every year,

they gather in silence,

forlorn with a tear.

This place I now dwell in peace,

it is only hallowed ground I know,

there was a time,

so very long ago.

~ James W. Spain


May we never forget the courage and sacrifice of those who gave their lives to protect our freedoms.