Medicaid Enrollment By State

Posted on 03-14-2023

Delaware is in the middle of a workforce crisis, while our state continues to keep eligible workers in government dependency at record levels.

Delaware’s Medicaid enrollment sits at just over 300,000

(The Center Square) – Medicaid enrollment in the United States is expected to top 100 million in the coming months, a new study shows.

The Foundation for Government Accountability says more than 98 million Americans are enrolled in the federal health care program. Delaware accounts for 307,756 of that figure, as of Oct. 31.

Medicaid, according to the release, provides health care coverage to low-income residents, including adults, children, pregnant women, elderly adults, and people with disabilities.

“For years, FGA has been warning about the rising number of people on government welfare programs,” Hayden Dublois, the organization’s Data and Analytics director, said in a release. “Now, we’re nearing a grim milestone – nearly one-third of the country will be on Medicaid.”

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