LEGISLATIVE UPDATE going into 2023

Posted on 12-29-2022

On June 30, 2022, Governor John Carney signed House Bill 450, Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 6 (SS#1 for SB6), and HB 451 into law.

HB 450 bans a long list of commonly owned rifles, shotguns and pistols solely based on emotional opinion rather than fact. No exemptions for civilians.

SS#1 for SB6 bans most standard capacity rifle magazines and many standard capacity pistol magazines. This limits magazine capacity to 17 rounds for all firearms unless the possessor holds a valid concealed carry permit or other set exemptions.

Here is the most recent update on court proceedings for HB 450 and SS#1 for SB6.

HB 451 prohibits adults 18-21 from owning, purchasing, possessing, or controlling a firearm or ammunition outside of shotgun, shotgun ammunition, and muzzle-loading rifles unless they possess a valid concealed carry permit, an active member of armed forces, or a qualified law enforcement officer. This prohibits hunters of all ages from engaging in hunting, practice, training, or sporting unless supervised by an adult 21 or older. See the Delaware Chancery Court Complaint HERE.

The Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association has filed suit to overturn each of these as well as injunctive measures. Based on Supreme and Circuit Court rulings in other States and Jurisdictions, we strongly feel each will be overturned.

The Bruen Decision has set the standard for which other gun laws will continue to be overturned.

The space between theory and fact is often time. For those who claim gun owners have been illogically making the claim that the government wants to take their guns, we should remind them that recently passed legislation would ban almost every center fire magazine fed firearm.

WDC aims to ensure every woman has the right to choose the means of protection she feels is appropriate. Not be forced to pick through the left overs of governmental overreach.

With the Biden Administration pressuring states to enact harsh gun laws in attempts to make it easier to pass federal restrictions, our Attorney General has become an activist rather than working within her scope of practice. The AG’s position was created solely to ensure the laws are enforced, not to create them.

What we saw this past session was almost an entire legislative body acting as puppets, crafting and ramming through legislation they know will fail the standard of constitutionality for the sake of promised funding from the Federal Government.

As court cases across the country are ruling in favor of 2nd Amendment rights we expect to see the same happen in regards to HB 450, HB 451, SS#1 for SB6 and even the “Ghost Gun” bill, HB 125, that was signed into law in 2021.

HERE is the update on HB 125

As shown above, possession by persons prohibited has consistently risen since our AG took office. Her 15% prosecution and 12% conviction rate for those violating firearms laws may have something to do with it.

As an organization founded by 2 firearms instructors, it was clear our anti-gun lawmakers have a complete lack in understanding of firearms operation and function. Normally, when crafting a bill experts on the matter are consulted to ensure legislation is accurately written and supported.

When it comes to HB 450, HB 451, SS#1 for SB6, and HB 125 our lawmakers relied on biased anti-gun political organizations (Mom’s Demand Action & Everytown for Gun Safety) who lack even the basic knowledge to support their own claims. Their “experts” failure to be able to answer questions about the actual function of the firearms their bills targeted made hundreds of pro 2A constituents cringe.

Our Legislature has promised to enact even more laws that only impact lawful citizens come January. Senators Tizzy Lockman, Sarah Mcbride, and Kyle Evans Gay went head to head with victims of violent crime during the first half of the session, calling them a passionate minority and “props” in the fight against gun-control.

““To portray what we’re doing as insincere in any way is really discounting the fact that there are women out there that do purchase a firearm, a handgun for the explicit purpose of defending themselves, their children, their family from a known abuser, somebody that is known to them,” Pettyjohn said.”


Wilmington police chief along with other heads of law enforcement throughout the state agree.
““We have a thoughtful way of working with our prosecutors, working with the judicial system, to ensure that we have to look at these things seriously. The thing on the street — this is not anecdotal; it’s been told to us — that there is no penalty for carrying an illegal firearm.”

https://www.wdel.com/news/wilmington-police-chief-calling for stronger enforcement-of gun crimes

Considering hundreds of women registered online to speak during the zoom meeting in opposition of Permit to Purchase while only a handful attended in support… We’d like to publicly challenge their attempt to downplay our numbers.

These Senators, along with the AG and House members who also support Permit to Purchase claim it will prevent straw purchases and prohibited persons from gaining access to firearms. Continue readying: LEGISLATIVE UPDATE going into 2023 — Women’s Defense Coalition of Delaware (wdcofdelaware.org

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