Lee Murphy’s Position

Posted on 02-28-2022

Fellow Patriots,

If you are tired of watching our country move away from everything you believe in and agree with me that we need a representative from the state of Delaware who will stand up to the insane voices of the left, like Nancy Pelosi and Lisa Blunt Rochester – then take a stand and help me get Lee Murphy elected in November.

Please see the attached and help us help you to be heard in Washington.  It is now or never, folks!  Please take action.

“Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Can you believe what the current administration is doing to our country?

Every day there seems to be a new twist to the nightmare of the
Biden administration and our current Congresswoman, Lisa Blunt Rochester,
is totally in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and the radical left. Just look at the
three examples below


Infrastructure Bill: This bill will most definitely increase inflation,
force government to both print and borrow more money, significantly
increase the national debt and devalue the dollar. Half of the bill had
nothing to do with infrastructure and was merely pork for various causes
for which YOUR tax dollars are paying.
Lisa Blunt Rochester voted WITH Nancy Pelosi to continue to bankrupt
Lee Murphy supports improved infrastructure, but is OPPOSED to any
government spending that exceeds the bill’s original intention. He would
have voted “NO” on the recent infrastructure package as written.
Lee Murphy is running for U.S. Congress to represent YOU and the
common sense values that have made America great. He is a man of
principle and grounded values and if you feel as he does on these issues,
please consider making a donation, in any amount, to his campaign to
replace Lisa Blunt Rochester in 2022. Your donation is important NOW to
help Lee ride the RED WAVE to victory in 2022.
Show Lisa you are OPPOSED to the RADICAL LEFT’S agenda!
Can you CHIP in $25, $50, $100 or even $500?
Mandates: Mandates, of any nature, are likely unconstitutional under the
14th Amendment and are an affront to our freedom and liberty. Doctors,
nurses, teachers, firefighters, servicemen and servicewomen and employees of
companies from Amtrak to McDonalds, who refuse the vaccine are being
fired. College students who refuse the vaccine are denied access to an
Lisa Blunt Rochester supports government mandates.
Lee Murphy says “NO” to government mandates.
-Lee Murphy For U.S. Congress Finance Committe



Drew Sunderlin

Sussex County Campaign Manager

(215) 280-2783 cell