Lee Murphy Files for US Congress

Posted on 04-08-2022

Lee Murphy is officially on the ballot as your candidate for
U.S. Congress!

Lee Murphy filed with the State of Delaware on April 5th to run for U.S. Congress on the Republican ticket, after filing with the Federal Elections Commission in June of 2021.  He is officially on the ballot!

It’s time for Delaware to have a representative who will fight for them instead of being a rubber stamp for Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi!


Why are you running?

I’m running because we need strong voices for Delaware residents in Washington. Sadly, the incumbent has become a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. Delaware can’t afford a rubber stamp. We need a voice for the people, not someone beholden to party or special interests. I’m going to go to Washington to get things done for the people of Delaware.

-What’s the top issue to you in the campaign?

The economy is number one. We are facing incredible economic pressures today. The government’s COVID response hurt our country badly, although Delaware was in last place in the country in economic growth in 2019, long before COVID hit. Subsidizing unemployment hurt businesses just as much as closing them down when no one could go out. We need to work with small businesses to give them the resources to create or expand jobs. Inflation is also a huge issue completely fouled up by politicians and bureaucrats. Even as inflation skyrocketed, the Biden administration and the Fed denied that it was an issue. Now they tell us that inflation is settling in for the long haul. Their solution? Raise taxes, raise interest rates, and increase spending. That’s not right. We need to invest in domestic energy production to lower gas prices, fix supply chain issues, and cut taxes to give people more of their hard-earned paychecks.

-Can a Republican win in Delaware?

Yes! The people I speak to in Delaware understand the need to elect the best person and not to vote just based on party ID. We’ve been a one-party state for a long time and look where it’s gotten us. The people of Delaware are ready to send a message to DC that we matter and that we demand solutions.

-What is the impact of being in Joe Biden’s home state?

I’ve heard from a lot of people outside of Delaware who are interested in the race. I’m running to be Joe Biden’s Congressman and I intend to be honest with him when I’m in Washington about what Delaware needs – and the answer isn’t going to be trillions in new spending, runaway inflation, and higher taxes.

-What in your background makes you the best choice for congress?

I’m a worker. Whether it was on the train, as a volunteer coach, or working to better our communities, I’m going to put boots on the ground and be proactive in introducing and seeing through legislation that will help Delaware. I’ll work with anyone who wants to create solutions that help Delaware. And I’m going to tell whoever needs to hear it, from Joe Biden to the Republican Leader, if they’re not doing right by Delaware. I’m OF the people of Delaware, and I’m FOR the people of Delaware – and I plan to be elected BY the people of Delaware.



Thank you! Please feel free to call with any follow up questions!


Lee Murphy


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Lee Murphy for U.S. Congress


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Lee Murphy for U.S. Congress