Julianne Murray for Delaware Attorney General

Posted on 04-07-2022

For Immediate Release: Murray Officially Files for Delaware Attorney General – Says it is Time for an Attorney

For Immediate Release Media Contact: Nick Miles
Email: Nick@MurrayForDelaware.com
Ph: (302) 922-1246
Murray Officially Files for Delaware Attorney General – Says it is Time for an Attorney General Not an Activist General
Seaford, DE/April 4, 2022, Today, former gubernatorial candidate, Julianne Murray, officially filed as a candidate for the Office of Attorney General for the State of Delaware.
Murray first announced her candidacy on September 16, 2021, on the front steps of the Wilmington Police Department. “Today we are just making it official.” stated Julianne Murray.
Since September, Murray has made numerous appearances and traveled all over the state spreading her message that everyone has a vested interest in law and order and public safety. “All Delawareans, regardless of political party or walk of life, have a vested interest in getting guns out of the hands of criminals. I love the citizens of Delaware and pledge to make our streets safer.”
“The Office of the Attorney General should not be a politicized. Yet it currently is. The job of the Attorney General is to enforce the law and apply the law equally,” stated Murray.
Murray also noted that Delaware’s current AG is out of favor with law enforcement because of her failure to prosecute. “The Attorney General is the Top Cop and needs to back law enforcement that discharge their duties lawfully,” stated Murray.
Murray pledges as Attorney General to:
✔ Support law enforcement and oppose all attempts at defunding and abolishing the police
✔ Restore public safety in Delaware and treat lawbreakers equally
✔ Obey the Constitution and uphold the rule of the law
✔ Prosecute – especially gun crimes
✔ Keep politics out of the job
✔ Ensure justice is blind and nonpartisan
Additional information on Julianne Murray may be obtained at www.murrayfordelaware.com.



We officially filed for Office of the Attorney General in Dover on Monday!

We are actually the FIRST filed candidate for this office. 

Now that we are filed, it is time for all hands-on deck. For those that haven’t, heard my primary opponent withdrew from the race last Saturday. So, we are full steam ahead to the general election on November 8th. 

215 days until Delaware can elect an Attorney General that will prioritize public safety, prosecute and will be

The People’s Lawyer

See the Murray Minute here :