In Senate District 21, the choice is clear!

Posted on 10-31-2022

On November 8th, cast your vote for Senator Bryant Richardson! 

Hello everyone,

I’m compiling a list of those willing to help out on Election Day, November 8. 

Any amount of time you can spare will be most appreciated. One hour or two is what most are willing to help out with. A few are staying all day, but would appreciate company at different times, I am sure.

Please email me with your name and phone number and preferred times if you can volunteer.

I would greatly prefer that women are not at the polls after dark, which will begin around 5 p.m.

(Sunday the clocks go back an hour.)

If you want a list of the polling places before deciding where to greet, mention that in your email and I will send you the list.

I have campaign sweatshirts and t-shirts. I would like to give these out to those who will be at the polls that longest.

Please email me right away. I need to make out the list of greeters soon, so I will know if there are any places, I need to fill in.

Thank you for helping me continue the fight for life, liberty and justice (and law and order).


Visit to volunteer or contribute.