How Important is Freedom to You?

Posted on 07-07-2022

The Delaware and U.S. Constitutional Rights are under attack.

Rescue Delaware 2022

We unveiled a new Rescue Delaware Plan at our State Convention over the weekend.

Get the full Convention recap and learn about the Plan at:

Delaware state Republicans on Saturday introduced a plan to “Rescue Delaware” during a state convention that featured a slate of uncontested statewide GOP candidates and rallying cries to stand against “woke-ism,” election-tampering and the “radical left.”

The newly-minted Rescue Delawareagenda includes policy objectives the party believes are “supported by a majority of Delawareans across all party lines” and will “lead to a better quality of life for everyone living in our state.”

Party officials presented the platform before a packed convention hall in Rehoboth Beach where just 24 hours earlier U.S. President Joe Biden delivered remarks on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May jobs report.

The GOP’s 20-page manifesto acknowledges the uphill battle Republicans face in the overwhelmingly blue state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by nearly two to one.  

“The Democrat Party has controlled the governor’s office since the election of Tom Carper in 1992,” the platform reads. “Without exaggeration, Delaware’s state government is firmly in the grip of the Democrat Party. Unfortunately, this one-party rule has done nothing to improve the quality of education, the availability of health care, or the prevention and reduction of crime.”

But to get elected, Republicans must do more than say Democratic Party policies are bad, the plan says. 

Instead, candidates must unite behind policies that will advance Delaware and create an economy that works for everyone, according to the platform.

Among the key areas addressed in the document are:

  • Ensuring a superior education that prepares children to compete in business and the world;
  • Improving healthcare outcomes and lowering healthcare costs;
  • Preserving a livable Delaware;
  • Being a partner to small businesses;
  • Enhancing public safety;
  • Returning jobs and economic competitiveness to Delaware;
  • Guaranteeing secure elections; and 
  • Standing against abortion by defending “life from conception to natural death.”

Click here to read the party platform in its entirety.

“Our state is not sinking, but we are in turbulent and challenging waters,” said state GOP chairwoman M. Jane Brady, “What we can do is marshal our energies and sail smoothly into the sunshine under Republican leadership.”

The convention began on a jovial note. Candidates swarmed the convention hall shaking hands and sharing their visions for a different kind of Delaware. 

But the event was not devoid of the election fraud claims that have driven moderate Republicans away from the party in droves.

Keynote speaker Joanne Young, managing partner of the Washington, D.C. law firm, Kirstein & Young, took the stage to deliver a near-30 minute speech claiming widespread, coordinated voter fraud in the 2020 election, sufficient to change the overall outcome.

Nevertheless, many attendees, including candidates, insisted the Republican Party is a big tent with room for ideological and cultural diversity.

For Friday night’s keynote speaker, four-time best-selling author and conservative commentator Nick Adams, there’s plenty of room for differing ideas and values within the Republican Party — but there is a limit.

“For me, it’s really not so much a matter of the big tent,” Adams told Delaware LIVE News. “For me, it’s more: Do Republicans believe in American values? Because that’s what I see as the greatest differentiator between us and the Democrats. The Democrats don’t believe in American values. They don’t believe in American exceptionalism. Democrats believe in European values.”

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