House Agenda update

Posted on 06-12-2021

A proposal to hike the state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2025, and a bill seeking to ban any firearm magazine with a capacity exceeding 17-rounds of ammunition, are both on the next House Agenda (Thursday, June 17).
The remaining schedule for June in the House of Representatives:
• Tuesday, June 15 – Committee Meetings/No Session
• Wednesday, June 16 – Committee Meetings/No Session (This will be the last regularly scheduled House committee day of 2021. However, committee chairs can still hold meetings afterward at their discretion. Bills can also be released from committee without a meeting by the majority consent of the committee’s members.)
• Thursday, June 17 – Session begins @ 2 p.m.
• Tuesday, June 22 – Session begins @ 2 p.m.
• Wednesday, June 23 – Session begins @ 2 p.m.
• Thursday, June 24 – Session begins @ 2 p.m.
• Tuesday, June 29 – Session begins @ 2 p.m.
• Wednesday, June 30 – Session will start at a time to be announced later.
All committee meetings are still being held virtually. To watch or take part, visit the House Committee Meetings Page ( and the Senate Committee Meetings Page (
To view the next House Agenda (Thursday, June 17), use this link:
To view the Senate Agenda for Tuesday, June 15, use this link:
Presently, House and Senate members are operating in a hybrid mode during session days, with most members at Legislative Hall. The public has a limited opportunity to attend session days at the capitol, but must register the day before on the General Assembly’s website. For more information on this and other legislative activities, use this link: