He showed up for Delaware… She didn’t

Posted on 09-17-2022

Last night Lee Murphy took the stage to debate Lisa Blunt Rochester. There was just one problem.
Liberal Lisa didn’t show up.
She must be letting her 100 percent voting record with Nancy Pelosi do the talking. We wouldn’t want to talk about that record either – historical high inflation, skyrocketing mortgage rates, high gas prices.
Maybe staying home was the better option.
We want you to hear what Lee said. This is just a snippet of his closing statement:
If you want someone who does and will help your family build a better life right here in Delaware, with lower crime and better schools – vote for me. I’ll vote for policies that help small businesses create jobs. I’ll vote to make America energy independent – no more relying on our enemies. I’ll fight inflation by working to balance the federal checkbook just the way you balance yours
If these sound like solutions you can get behind. If you think it’s important to break the streak of voting 100 percent with Nancy Pelosi support my fight for Congress – give Joe Biden a Republican congressman! Let’s send a message – Donate $17.76 today.
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