Greetings fellow Republicans,

Posted on 07-27-2022

It appears that a group calling themselves the “35th Representative District Conservative Committee” has sent a mailer to Republicans in Sussex County.  There are a couple of things to which I want to alert you:

                • Please DO NOT confuse this group with the Sussex County Republican Committee (SCRC) or with the 35th Representative District Republican Committee – the only group sanctioned by the SCRC.

                • The Sussex County Republican Committee’s rules prohibit the Committee from supporting a particular candidate in which there is a primary for a local election.  We must remain neutral, and we have done this.

                • However, we DO NOT support or agree with these types of dirty political games.

                • The target of this “hit piece” was at one time a registered Democrat – just like Ronald Reagan was.

                • This is a three-way primary and two of the candidates were at one time registered Democrats.  They have seen the “darkness” in the Democrat Party and support the values of our party no matter what this group says.

                • Leaving the Democrat Party is a very bold and courageous action and should be applauded and not denigrated.

                • The party is working hard to attract minority voters because we believe in inclusiveness and that who you are and what you believe is more important than what you are.  The candidate who is the object of this hateful mailer is African-American.

                • This type of rhetoric is unhelpful and racist.  We will not tolerate it.

Please learn as much as you can about all the candidates for this and each of the seats in which there is a primary.  Beware of this type of thuggish behavior.  These types of activities do not have a place in our Party’s election process, nor do they serve the citizens of Sussex County well.

Marilyn Booker, Chair

Lewis Briggs,II, Vice-Chair

Sussex County Republican Executive Committee

Sussex County Republican Committee