Girls Sports~ Let’s Chat

Posted on 07-05-2023

Senator Richardson joined our caucus’s podcast,

The Second Floor, to discuss legislation that he will soon introduce to protect girls in competitive sports.

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You can find that material here and a link to the bill itself:

One individual on social media in favor of this bill writes: “According to what I’ve read, Representative Neal knows that it’s way too late in the session for such a bill to go through, but that she wants it to start a conversation and hopefully be at the front of the line in January.

This needs to be a focal point piece of legislation for Delaware’s political leaders not only becoming sure of what they stand for but taking a very public stand in favor of the rights of ALL. 

Don’t kid yourself, there are Democrats for whom, right now, this is a bridge too far. They need to be convinced. Or primaried.

There is a need for the DE GOP to take a very public gut check. Do our Republican senators and representatives intend to argue the bill in good faith or use it for cheap campaign points on the far right? The deeper you get into Sussex the more I expect the usual suspects to start quoting white Jesus … We need to be the welcoming destination for as many of those individuals and families as possible. “

Proposed California bill aimed at protecting LGBTQ+ youth encourages parents to affirm their child’s gender identity – ABC7 Los Angeles

Is the California bill to punish parents for not affirming gender identity?

‘ A California state bill was recently amended so that parents in custody battles may be liable for child abuse if they do not affirm the gender identity of their children. Jun 10, 2023

Is the California bill punish parents who don’t affirm?

A California bill aims to control parents’ medical decisions about their children by compelling them to provide “gender-affirming care,” a psychotherapist told Fox News. Parents fighting custody battles could be liable for child abuse if they don’t “affirm” their kids’ gender under the recently amended AB 957.Jun 13, 2023

Is the California bill to affirm child’s gender?

AB 957 encourages parents who support their TGI children by “making it clear that affirming a child’s gender identity is part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child.” It also allows courts to consider a parent’s affirmation of their child’s gender identity when making decisions about visitation and custody.Jun 13, 2023,decisions%20about%20visitation%20and%20custody.

The Senate Republican Caucus embraces freedom, believes in your rights, and supports diversity in thought, deed and creed.

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