General Assembly Abandons Delaware Constitution on Election Law…

Posted on 07-04-2022

Please celebrate this Independence Day as though it may be your last.

If WE THE PEOPLE do not make certain “Majority” in Dover is changed… it may very likely be so!

“If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, you are doomed to be ruled by fools!”  Plato

Regardless of your thoughts on mail-in voting, we should all agree that changing election laws by majority vote in the middle of an election cycle is unethical and wrong. The Delaware courts will soon agree that it is also unconstitutional. By favoring the potential for short-term election wins, this majority is ignoring the fact that they are setting a very dangerous precedent by establishing that any future majority can create election rules and procedures in the middle of elections to benefit their own party and incumbents. This any-thing to win philosophy is what undermines confidence and trust in our Democratic system and the reason why our Delaware Constitution has prescribed methods, a 2/3 vote over two consecutive General Assemblies, to change election laws.