Fairness in Women’s Sports Act ~ Action Alert!!

Posted on 03-20-2022

Good afternoon,

There will be a hearing on SB 227 this Wednesday, March 23rd at 10 AM. For anyone who has been watching what has happened over this past year with transgender males competing and beating women in some of the NCAA Swimming and Track and Field competitions, it should be clear that the current situation is unfair. Imagine being a young woman who has spent years training and counting on an athletic scholarship for college, only to be bested by a person who was designated a male at birth and is now competing as a female.

Please consider registering to testify at this hearing on Wednesday. You don’t have to drive to Dover as this will be a virtual hearing. Senator Richardson has provided further instructions below.

Senate Bill 227 Hearing Wednesday, March 23, 10 a.m.
A hearing on Senate Bill 227, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, is
scheduled for Wednesday, March 23, in the Senate Health & Social Services
This Act requires a student athlete to compete in sports associated with their
biological sex, as determined at birth and based on the student’s birth certificate
or other government record if a birth certificate is unobtainable.
An exception is permitted to allow female athletes to compete in male sports if
a corresponding female sport is not available.
A student who is deprived of an athletic opportunity or who suffers a direct or
indirect harm as a result of a violation of this Act may bring a cause of action for
injunctive relief, damages, and any other relief available under law.
High school athletes across the United States have spoken out against
biological male athletes breaking female records and taking away scholarship
Senator Bryant Richardson (R – Seaford) and House Minority Whip Tim Dukes
(R – Laurel) introduced Senate Bill 227 in February.
“The purpose of Senate Bill 227 is to protect the gains in women’s sports that
was boosted almost 50 years ago under Title IX. Today, two out of every five girls
in high school. are playing sports. We cannot allow the progress made over the
last half century to be erased,” Senator Richardson said.
“This is a matter of fairness as students compete athletically for college
scholarships and look to advance their athletic careers. In order to continue the
protections against discrimination for female athletes, many of which have been
achieved through the nearly 50-year-old Title IX federal statute, it’s important to
enact this measure,” stated Rep. Dukes.
SB 227 has been assigned to the Senate Health and Social Services
Throughout March all Senate committee hearings will be virtual. Those
interested in listening in or signing up to speak may do so any time between now
and the time of the hearing, which will start at 10 a.m.
Here are the instructions for signing up:
• Go to legis.delaware.gov
• Find the Senate Health & Social Services committee meeting notice under
What’s Happening’ (you may have to scroll down)
Click on ‘Register for Meeting
Fill out the form and chose to give public comment.
Parents, grandparents and female athletes and all fair-minded individuals are
encouraged to make public comments.
Without the protections of SB 227, the rights of female athletes are greatly at