Election Audit Section of Delaware Code

Posted on 12-30-2020

Please note: 

Julianne Murray had requested assistance with calls for contacting the “vote by mail/absentee” ballot voters from the 2020  Delaware General Election.  Some groups have also requested “Boots on the Ground” for places such as Georgia to prepare for the upcoming Runoff Election (s).   

However, at no point to date has …The State of Delaware set an Audit into action on our 2020 General Election as per Delaware code.  If anyone request your assistance of any type, be it financial contributions or personal information suggesting they are capable of doing an audit of our states elections please DO NOT comply and report this to us immediately!

As the Sussex County Committee information source please be assured we committed to the task of keeping the citizens apprised  of any/all  pertinent actions to our states elections. 

     If you are interested in our states code on this issue we are including the link as will as the wording of the code pertaining to the audit procedural information: 



General Elections

CHAPTER 49. Conduct of Election

Subchapter III. Counting Votes and Post-Election Regulations


15 Del. C. § 4980 (b)

“(b) After the board of canvass has completed its canvass of the vote, the Prothonotary shall turn custody of the voting materials over to the Department. The Department shall leave the voted paper ballots and all documentation extracted from the media containing the election results undisturbed and locked for 22 months after the day of the election. During this period, the voted paper ballots and all documentation extracted from the media containing the election results may be inspected by any duly authorized member or agent of the General Assembly, the Attorney General, or the Department for the purpose of conducting an audit under § 5012A of this title.”

For those interested in assisting with calls the following information should be used to contact Mrs. Murray:

 If you are willing to make phone calls to voters to confirm they voted by mail ASAP.  
We have a list from a particular district that need to get done, please email me at julie@murrayfordelaware.com  
  Thank you !!!