Elect Steve Smyk 6th District Senate

Posted on 10-23-2022

I have always prided myself with treating all people with respect and being honest, not just as a State Representative for the last decade but in my time in the United States Army and as a Delaware State Trooper.  

With that said, I will not continue to stand down against the falsehoods and negative narrative that my opponent and his angry supporters have spun regarding my career of public service.  

An honest debate is one I have never shied away from but with my opponent hiding behind fancy professional titles and a misleading biography, he refuses to come clean with the truth as to his six-figure salary and two decades of “experience” as a developer.  

Not just any developer but one who presents a front of good intentions to the most vulnerable in order to gain personal profits and now sadly, your vote.

I need your help to win this and not let my opponent’s National flavor of politics tarnish the way business is conducted in the 6th district. 

I will truly represent the 6th district with the care it deserves from its State Senator!

Vote Smyk early or November 8th!