DSSA on Senate Concurrent Resolution 12

Posted on 03-16-2023

Today the Delaware legislature passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 12, declaring that gun violence is a public health crisis, and ensuring that policy is developed to restrict YOUR rights to bear arms while ignoring the root causes, even as identified in the Wilmington Violence Study conducted several years ago. This concurrent resolution was passed along party lines.

As crime increases in the face of a failed bond-bail reform, as violent criminals are released early from prison only to go on to literally murder people, as the AG’s office prioritizes supporting legislation to restrict your rights instead of punishing violent criminals to the maximum extent possible… we as responsible gun owners are told it’s our fault. 

It’s apparently our fault that guns kill people. Not the person who used the tool maliciously. It’s our fault for exercising our right to protect ourselves and our families, Not the violent criminal. It’s our fault that someone stole or illegally purchased a weapon to use in crime. 

If this were about protecting people, they would have declared violence the public health emergency. If this were about addressing root causes, they would have done more to combat gangs, to combat, drugs, to combat mental health. Instead, they’re vilifying You, the responsible gun owner. 

Elections have consequences, and steering public policy, even if it will be designed to violate your Constitutional Rights, is one of them. Many of our more recently elected politicians were bought and paid for by national anti-gun rights groups and they are well funded. Please consider getting involved in this fight for our rights, join DSSA or donate today:




Delaware Senate Concurrent Resolution 12