DSSA: Just a few nuggets from the Supreme Court decision.

Posted on 06-24-2022

“The constitutional right to bear arms in public for self-defense is not “a second-class right, subject to an entirely different body of rules than the other Bill of Rights guarantees.” We know of no other constitutional right that an individual may exercise only after demonstrating to government officers some special need. That is not how the First Amendment works when it comes to unpopular speech or the free exercise of religion. It is not how the Sixth Amendment works when it comes to a defendant’s right to confront the witnesses against him. And it is not how the Second Amendment works when it comes to public carry for self-defense.”

-The Supreme Court of the United States

If you want to know where DSSA uses some of it’s donations and membership dues, DSSA contributed to this litigation. We did so because the impacts of this case will hit here in Delaware.

It’s time to get involved in the fight for YOUR rights! All dues and donations are used to fight for YOUR rights to bear arms. DSSA will challenge these bills if passed.

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