District 37

State Rep. Ruth Briggs King (R-Georgetown) had the honor of being featured recently in the national publication – ELYSIAN Magazine – for her outstanding work as a legislator and representative of her constituents in the 37th District.

ELYSIAN featured Rep. Briggs King – in addition to other women lawmakers who attended the National Foundation for Women Legislators’ Annual Conference in November – as part of an article titled “The Women Who Inspire Us.” 

According to the ELYSIAN article, “The Representative is admired for her unwavering leadership, and strengths in organizational development and strategic planning” with “a proven track record to address and solve problems with an end-game of realizing results.”

The article further stated, “As a strong advocate on many issues, she also maintains a busy local schedule to be accessible and accountable to her constituents.”

Rep. Briggs King was quoted in the article as saying, “The most important part of my work is not what bills or policies we create in Dover, it is about helping people overcome barriers and challenges that impact their lives.

Rep. Briggs King further stated, “This past year, we have helped so many citizens overcome issues with their unemployment benefits. Our staff and I have taken many calls and worked to ensure benefits were received. ‘Many hands make light work’ and many hands are needed to address complex and community issues.”

ELYSIAN is a women’s lifestyle magazine that is published quarterly and circulated nationally. Articles featured in ELYSIAN are included in the following topic areas: Arts & Culture, Philanthropy, Inspiring Women, Travel, Living, Health & Wellness and Style & Beauty.

Please check out the following press release on the recognition that I recently had the honor of receiving from ELYSIAN Magazine. For the complete article featuring Rep. Briggs Kings, please visit: The Women Who Inspire Us: Ruth Briggs King – ELYSIAN Magazine.

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