Delmarva Natural Gas Prices Set to Rise Ahead of Winter Heating Season

Posted on 10-04-2022

Natural gas prices have continued to increase this year and are up nearly 60 percent year to date. This is largely due to increased U.S. demand and the ongoing energy crisis in Europe.

According to the Energy Information Administration, about 42 percent of Delaware households rely on natural gas for home heating.

“Due to the increase in wholesale natural gas prices, customers will see a significant increase in their bills during the winter months,” said Delaware Public Advocate Andrew Slater. “However, there are ways to reduce your usage and keep utility bills reasonable. Energy utility bills are some of the only bills where the amount owed is dependent on usage.”

Delmarva Power recently filed changes to its Gas Cost Rate (GCR), PSC Docket No. 22-0726, reflecting an increase in costs for residential customers of more than 48 percent. According to its filing, a typical residential customer using 83 CCF in a winter month would see an increase of more than $25. These rates become effective November 1, 2022, subject to refund, while the rates are reviewed by both the Division of the Public Advocate and Public Service Commission Staff.

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