Delaware’s GOP congressional candidate calls for ‘federal gas tax holiday’

Posted on 03-25-2022

Lee Murphy, a Republican running to represent Delaware in Congress, believes a federal gas tax holiday is necessary to give Americans some financial relief from the strain fuel prices are putting on their wallets.

Murphy stressed that gas prices have reached a record high with the average cost for a gallon of regular, unleaded fuel reaching $4.17 compared to the previous record of $4.11 in 2008, during an interview with First State Times.

“Giving the residents of Delaware a federal gas tax holiday would be meaningful both as a cost savings and as a sign that leaders are committed to providing financial relief during this time of high inflation,” Murphy said. “We have to become energy independent once again, using all the energy resources we have beneath our feet, so we won’t need a gas tax holiday in the future when external factors seek to impact our policies.”

The federal gas tax should be reviewed and considered for permanent elimination as part of an all-of-the-above energy policy that’s good for American businesses and residents, Murphy added.

Murphy also said he believes work on the Keystone XL Pipeline needs to resume and never should have been halted.

“Get the oil flowing, refined and into American cars,” he said. “Let’s put the thousands who lost their jobs when the pipeline was shut down back to work.”

According to Murphy’s campaign website, his platform includes a vibrant economy which he believes can be achieved by ending unnecessary regulations and tax cuts for the middle-class and small businesses.

FOX News recently reported the Biden administration, which once took credit for a drop in fuel prices, isn’t taking blame for the spike in gas prices, and instead, is pointing the finger at Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, for the invasion of Ukraine.

A gas tax holiday would benefit the people of Delaware, according to Kiplinger

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