Delaware’s 2023 Legislative Session from Delaware Family Policy Council

Posted on 01-18-2023

January starts a new session, with new bills, until the 2023 session ends on June 30th.

This is the first legislative update of Delaware’s 2023 Legislative Session,

Each legislative update will have a list of the bills we’re watching; the bill titles will be linked for your convenience. The bills we support will be highlighted green; those we oppose will be red. Bills that we are simply monitoring will be highlighted blue.

For Faith, Families, and Freedom, 

Nandi Randolph
Policy Analyst
Delaware Family Policy Council

For the more urgent bills, we’ll give you an easy way to take action quickly and alert others. Look for Take Action Alerts in your Legislative Updates. 
I hope you see the importance of staying vigilant and involved in this process!
For example – we are expecting a taxpayer funded abortion bill in the next few weeks! Keep watching your inboxes – when it comes out, we’ll need you to take action immediately! 
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If you want to further investigate a bill, which we highly encourage, we recommend these steps: 
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1. Ask questions. Not every bill is as black and white as the words on the page. For example: Who are the sponsors? What are their legislative goals? Does their worldview generally align with mine?  What other factors are connected to this bill?  Are there current statutes/cases/precedents referenced? Will there be effects to other areas not mentioned in this bill, intended or unintended? What is the intended effected audience? If children are listed, how will this effect parents?  If funding is mentioned, what will be the outcome on taxpayers? 2. Contact your legislator. Click here to find your legislator’s contact information. Always be respectful in your conversations! Disrespect is ineffective. 

3. Listen to the committee hearings. You can learn a lot from these discussions about the policymaker’s intentions.
2023: DE Legislative Update #1
HB 45: Parental Consent for Developmental Screening
Some bills are critical and need action while others are on the “watch list” that we neither support or oppose.
HB 45 is one to asses and watch. This bill would allow parents to “opt-out” of the required development/social-emotional screenings done for children who attend a licensed child-care facility.
As you listen to the committee hearing on Wed, Jan 18th at 3pm, keep in mind that the children mentioned in the bill are aged “birth to 5 years” and consider the following questions: 
What does “social-emotional” screening involve, particularly for such a young age range? 
Why is this something that requires parents to “opt-out” rather than “opt-in?”
If the parent doesn’t opt-out, the child-care provider will complete the screening upon parental consent. Does that mean the screening is currently accessible for parents to review? 
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