Delaware to begin 10-digit dialing in 2021

Posted on 01-10-2021

DOVER, Delaware (WPVI) — Delawareans will have to get used to dialing the area code 302 before any local phone number as the Federal Communications Commission will soon require the state to use 10-digit local dialing.

Beginning April 24, 2021, telephone users in Delaware with Delaware phone numbers will begin to dial local numbers using the full 10-digit phone numbers.

Beginning October 24, 2021, all local calls must be dialed using the full 10-digit telephone number.

The change is due to a new FCC order, which approved 988 as the 3-digit abbreviated dialing code to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, starting July 16, 2022.

Delaware currently has a (302) 988 exchange, based out of Selbyville, Sussex County.

The change will ensure that everyone is able to reach the suicide prevention network using the 3-digit 988 code.