Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association

Posted on 06-27-2021


Requiring a $400+ permit to protect yourself is sexist, racist, and targets those who can least afford it. SB3 is still in the House on the Ready List.

Call your representative today and tell them to oppose SB3 NOW!

Passed the House and with amendment heads back to the Senate.

Contact your Senator and tell them to oppose SB3 NOW!


Re: Please Oppose Senate Bill 6

Dear Senator  _________,

As a constituent, I ask that you oppose SB 6.

SB 6 will only limit the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families while criminals will continue to ignore the law.

This bill will deprive citizens of property that was legally purchased with no guarantee of compensations. There is no “right or entitlement in a resident to receive a monetary payment under the compensation program.” All noncompliant magazines have to be turned in and the amount of compensation is fixed at $10 per item. The maximum allocation of funds for this is $15,000 and is very likely to be insufficient given the number of magazines in private hands.

Virtually every state that has passed a similar law has faced federal and state legal challenges. We know this legislation will not work because it has been tried and has failed. I would respectfully ask that you vote against Senate Bill 6.


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