Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association Call to Action

Posted on 06-06-2022

In a cynical and shameless attempt to exploit the horrible tragedy at Uvalde, Texas, Delaware’s House and Senate Democrats have declared open warfare against you, your family, your finances, your guns and your constitutional rights. The Multi-Prong Attack Just as the Russians are attacking the Ukraine from multiple directions along multiple axis of advance, so too are the anti-gun Democrat elements within the Delaware General Assembly attacking you, your guns, your finances, and your constitutional rights from multiple directions along multiple axis of advance. They began last year with a two-pronged attack: Senate Bill 3, “Permit-to-Purchase” passed the Senate and remains pending in the House.Senate Bill 6, “The Magazine Ban” passed the Senate, was amended in the House and remains pending in the Senate. Now, this year, in the waning days of the 151st Delaware General Assembly, having been “resupplied” with the emotions and presidential rhetoric resulting from the horrible slaughter of innocents at Uvalde, Texas, they opened yet another front with a second two-pronged attack: On Tuesday, May 31st we learned of a new ban on semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols – “The Semi-Auto Ban” – House Bill 450 (Read here) On Wednesday, June 1st we learned of a new “Under 21 Ban”, House Bill 451.(Read here) Four attacks coordinated by the same people, each from a different direction and each part of a larger war being waged by the Leadership of the Democratic Party against you, your family, your finances, your guns and your rights. They are desperate – they are attacking now, because they believe they can use the Uvalde tragedy to their benefit to ram some or all of these bills through the General Assembly before it closes down on June 30th.  We must stand and fight, defend and repulse these multi-prong attacks – and you must stand with us. We are prepared to challenge all four attacks in Court, if need be. Are you? But first we must fight the ground battles before us. We must fight to win – NO QUARTER GIVEN, NO COMPROMISE. And if they should prevail with their ground attacks at Legislative Hall, we will go to the air and fight them, tooth and nail, in the Courts – will you join us? Will you be the reinforcements we so desperately need to win not just the battles, but the entire war? Are you willing to do your part – call, write, text and email your Senators and Representatives, go to Legislative Hall? Are you willing to help pay for the lawyers who are already preparing their cases on your behalf? Come join the fight – do your part – fight for freedom – your freedom!   THE FACE OF THE ENEMY Who’s leading the attack from the other side? Who are their ground commanders? Each of the following legislators are sponsoring either the “Semi-Auto Ban” or the “Under 21 Ban”, or both – these are the opposition leaders whose cynicism and quest for unbridled power has caused them to stake their war against you and your rights on the innocent lives so tragically lost at Uvalde. Each of these heartless and despicable political opportunists need to hear from you –TODAY! HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                      SENATE
Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf                              President Pro-Tempore Dave Sokola
Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst                 Majority Leader Bryan Townsend
House Majority Whip Larry Mitchell               Majority Whip S. Elizabeth Lockman 
Rep. Stephanie Bolden,                                    Sen. Nicole Poore
Rep. Sean Lynn,                                               Sen. Sara McBride
Rep. Dave Bentz                                               Sen. Marie Pinkney
Rep. Namdi Chukwocha,                                   Sen. Trey Paradee
Rep. Kendra Johnson                                       Sen. Laura Sturgeon
Rep. John Kowalko, Sen. Kyle Evans Gay
Rep. Melisa Minor-Brown,
Rep. Sherae’a Moore
Rep. Bud Freel
Rep. Eric Morrison                                     
Rep. Krista Griffith
Rep. Paul Baumbach
Rep. Debra Heffernan
Rep. Edward Osienski
Rep. Larry Lambert
Contact information for Delaware legislators may be found here: SENATE HOUSE Upon orders from the White House to give President Biden cover in his home state, Governor John Carney proudly joined in the “Conspiracy of Democrats” giving aid and comfort to the legislative tyrants, promising a legislative blitzkrieg designed to result in “swift passage” of HB 540, HB 451 and SB 6 next week, without meaningful debate – a textbook example of political tyranny at its worst.(Read Governor’s Press Release Here) HB 450 will be in the House Appropriations Committee on June 8th at 11 am. HB 451 will be before the House Administration Committee on June 8th at 11 am. Expect to see both bills on the floor of the House on Thursday, June 9th.   CALL TO ACTION     These cynical, self-serving political opportunists have declared unrestricted war on you and your constitutional rights. They have no shame – anyone who would use the deaths of innocent children and teachers in Uvalde, Texas to further a political agenda is beyond despicable. Stand and Fight – defend yourselves, your Constitution and your rights. Call, write, email and text these cynical gun-hating tyrants and tell them that you will not stand aside while they move to gut our constitution. Call, write, email and text your own Senator and Representative and tell them that you support the rights of all law-abiding adult Delawareans, regardless of age, to defend themselves, their families and their homes – and tell them you expect them to stand and fight for the rights of all Delawareans – not just the privileged few, but everyone. Tell them to vote “NO” on House Bill 450 and House Bill 451. And while you’re at it – also tell them to vote “NO” on Senate Bill 3 and Senate Bill 6.   Come to Legislative Hall if you can on June 8th for the Committee hearings – make your voices heard – if you cannot be there in person, be there virtually – and make your voice heard! Don’t be shy, tell them what you think – but be civil when you do so. Submit written comments to the Committee and let them know what is wrong with the proposed legislation.    We need your help – act today. Join the fight. Be a patriot. Stand with us as we stand with you against the cynical, opportunist forces of tyranny in the Delaware General Assembly. ________________________________________________   YOUR HELP IS NEEDED – NOW!    Never in the past have we used a legislative Action Alert to raise funds – but this time is different. The threat is real. This bill could pass. And if it does pass, DSSA must go to court to stop this bill if it passes. WE NEED YOUR HELP.       We have already retained legal counsel. We are preparing – we will defend your rights. But you need to help too.      Please contribute to DSSA’s Civil Rights Defense Fund. Every cent you contribute will go to pay legal fees, in either this suit, or in the next – and we all know there will be more.        Freedom is not free – do your part.   Click here to donate – please, do it today  _________________________________________________________________________________ DSSA is funded through memberships and donations. Lawsuits are expensive. The only way DSSA can continue to protect your constitutional rights is with your help. Join or donate today.   JOIN HERE! DONATE HERE! ______________________________________________________________________________  Thank you for supporting DSSA and thank you for supporting Firearm Freedom here in the First State. YOUR VOICE IS IMPORTANT – LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD
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