Delaware Republican Party~ poll workers reports of discrepancies!!

Posted on 11-07-2020

The Delaware Republican Party today sent a letter to the Department of Elections requesting they preserve all of their data and documents relating to the November 3, 2020 General Election.

Chair Jane Brady has received reports from poll workers that there are discrepancies between the vote tallies reported by the Department and the tallies they recorded Election night, and from voters who are concerned that their vote was not counted.

“The party intends to investigate these concerns”, said Brady.  “The Republican Party of Delaware is anticipating there may be the need for a full review of vote totals reported from polling locations statewide in Delaware, and the potential for litigation exists.”

Attention Poll Workers! If you have a general idea of the number of people that passed through your polling place on Election Day please go to DE dept of elections site and look at 2020 results BY ELECTION DISTRICT and look at the results for your polling place. If you are surprised by the number please email with the district number and polling place number. We are aware of 3 districts/polling places already that represent unrecorded votes.
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