Delaware primary yields record mail-in numbers

Posted on 09-21-2020

DOVER — Delaware’s primary election set records for turnout Tuesday. As of press time, the contest saw more than 160,000 voters cast ballots, many by mail.

During his weekly briefing on coronavirus earlier in the day, Gov. John Carney said 2020 “probably will be the highest turnout primary vote that we’ve had in the state of Delaware,” with mail-in voting alone almost surpassing the prior mark. Approximately 83,000 Democrats and 38,000 Republicans took part in 2018’s primary contest.

Delaware expanded absentee voting this year due to COVID-19, enabling people to cast a ballot by mail rather than needing a specific excuse to vote remotely. Gov. Carney said 62,000 Democrats voted by mail, along with a “significant number” of Republicans.

As of 10:30 Tuesday night, with 85% of precincts reporting in, Democratic mail-in ballots outnumbered Republican ones about 5-to-1.

Many of the Delawareans who took advantage of mail-in voting were elderly, according to the governor. Individuals 60 or older are considered to be at higher risk for coronavirus.


U.S. Senator candidate Lauren Witzke, middle, talks to Jim Startzman, left and TylerYzaguirre
at the primary election watch party at Frazier’s Restaurant on Tuesday night. (Special to the Delaware State News/Ariane Mueller)