Delaware lawmakers passed the state’s $5.6 billion operating budget for fiscal year 2024, again, nearly 10% increase from the previous budget.

Posted on 06-28-2023

1)The Delaware General Assembly passed a fiscal year 2024 budget on Tuesday which provides teachers with a 9% raise.
2) What else is going into the budget? $2.2 million for the creation of the Office of the Marijuana Commissioner and funding to implement recreational marijuana legislation for other state agencies.
3)The budget funds all of the Governor’s “main priorities” including raises for teachers and an increased investment into early childhood education with nearly $30 million was appropriated for both mental health resources in schools.
IN addition: The General Assembly has also approved $194.5 million in one-time funding. *
*The bond bill funds capital projects, while the grant-in-aid bill gives money to nonprofits.

…Though the budget overwhelmingly passed in both chambers, and now heads to the governor’s desk, lawmakers warned of possible budgetary issues next year. The Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council predicted earlier this month a decrease in revenue next year. 

Sen. Trey Paradee, a Dover Democrat and vice chair of the Joint Finance Committee, said there’s a projected $250 million decrease in revenue, with the JFC committee already aware of $300 million in expected expenses for next year’s budget. 

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