Delaware has lost one of it’s own. 

Posted on 04-29-2021

It is with great sadness we share this news.  

A message from our Delaware Republican Representatives:

“RIP Corporal Heacook! 6 months away from retirement. So very sad for his family and fellow officers. Please give his family strength, healing and comfort as they continue to navigate life. It’s up to the community to pick them and help whenever necessary.
Corporal Heacook served the Delmar community honorably and faithfully for over two decades. He was an exceptional man, civil servant and protector!
Matthew 25:23 “Well done good and faithful servant.”
He was a father; a husband and a servant of the people.
His life was taken to early and his fight has ended but we need honor him by taking up the mantle of service!
We are a people of order.  Please read the following and consider being the voice of the people who “BACK THE BLUE
 Although others do not follow that order we need to be level headed and take of our stand were we are affective!!-
 Major changes to police operations and oversight may be coming as pending legislation and recommendations regarding law enforcement in Delaware continue to formulate.
On Thursday, our State AG is holding a zoom to remove law-enforcement officers’ Bill of Rights!!!
Please sign up.  Back the blue!
The Law Enforcement Accountability Task Force will meet 10:00a.m. Thursday morning (April 29th) to consider recommendations for reform generated by its subcommittees.
You can review the subcommittees’ recommendations here:
Residents wishing to give comments must register in advance at this link:
Watch the meeting online at: