Delaware GOP Turnout Report

Posted on 01-23-2023

There have been reports stating that Republican’s didn’t show up on election day to vote.

The first is turnout by party by RD (you’ll see the 52 / 42 / 32 numbers at the bottom of this report). The second is also turnout by party by RD but adds another level of detail – the method of voting. Statewide GOP early vote was equal to the Dem percent. Obviously, we had fewer early votes because we have fewer registered voters but about 8% of all GOP voters voted early and Dems were at the same % (7.8% to 7.9% on the report). We did lag the Dems in absentee “turnout” where only 2% of GOP voted absentee but 4% of Dems voted absentee. Still if we matched the absentee turnout, that would have been about 4K more votes stateside, assuming that those votes came from individuals who did not vote through another method.

A special thanks to P.J. for the insightful breakdown report.

P.J. O’Dwyer

Chair, Northern New Castle County Region Republican Committee

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