Delaware Elections iVote

Posted on 11-10-2020

We have received a number of inquiries from in-person voters who are wondering when their voting status will be updated on iVote. I received the following update from Delaware Elections Commissioner Anthony Albence as it relates to voters’ online voting status:

• Those who are seeing updates in iVote are those who voted by an absentee or vote by mail ballot. The status of those ballots are updated directly in the voter registration system (eg: when a ballot is returned), which is what updates the iVote interface and allowed voters to see a voting status update in iVote right away.

• Voters who voted at the polling place checked in on pollbooks. Poll Books are not directly connected to the voter registration system, so the information on the pollbooks needs to be uploaded into the voter registration system as one of the post-election tasks that are undertaken. Once these tasks are completed, these voters’ voting history will be updated in iVote. This should be completed the week of 11/23. We have posted this info on our website and are having the county offices post this message on their social media channels as well.

• If a voter who voted in person would like to inquire on their status, our county offices have lists of who checked in on the pollbooks. These lists may be referenced to update a voter on their voting history status if they would like this info now versus waiting for it to be updated in iVote.