Delaware Declining in A constant downward spiral must end!

Posted on 09-29-2020

For 27 years our state has been ruled by one-party in Delaware. The result has been the “Delaware Decline.”
Even before the pandemic, Delaware’s economy was spiraling downwards. More Delawareans are living in poverty than before the 2008 recession.
Career politician John Carney’s government mandated shutdown has been devastating. Not only do we have a higher rate of unemployment than the national average but our permanent business closures are through roof.
The Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce estimates $205 million in losses.

There is good news!

Voters already understand that career politician Carney is not going to be able to right this ship. It is going to take new leadership that will help the business community and work towards common sense solutions.

Hence, we don’t need to do much education on why to fire Carney. Voters need to know why to hire me.

By educating them on how I am not a career politician and how I had the guts to take on Carney’s shutdown, we win them over.

The bad news is that time is very very short. Ballots are going to be mailed soon. Hence, we need to launch ads as soon as possible. Will you help me?

We have this moment in our state’s history to change the direction and stop the “Delaware Decline.” 
We can hit the refresh button and put Delaware on the right track, but I cannot do it alone. I need your strong financial support today.

I hope to hear from you,



Julianne Murray
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