Delaware Constitution Classes

Posted on 08-26-2022

Constitution Classes Pre-Register Today!

Thoughts to ponder:

Would you hire a surgeon that never studied human anatomy?

 Or a Pastor that had never read the Bible? How about a home builder that didn’t know what the building code said? Of course not!

 Yet in November we will hire dozens of people in Delaware to administer our State government. They will swear an Oath of Office that states they will uphold and defend the Constitution of Delaware that most have never read, let alone understand! How can they uphold what they don’t know? But it’s not their fault entirely! There is no Delaware State Constitution course available at our Law schools or anywhere else that I have found. UNTIL NOW!

Institute on the Constitution has set forth a mission to create such a course and it is available NOW!! I will be scheduling classes throughout Delaware throughout 2022-2023 year.   If you are currently an elected or appointed official, a candidate for any office within the state or just a voter who would like to know the Delaware State Constitution in order to be an informed voter, please contact me at to receive the class schedule and locations when they become available or to pre-register for the classes. 

Thank you for your interest in our Constitution classes. I am excited to see so many people interested in these classes, so thank you in advance. The CLASSES WILL BE FREE! I must warn all, there is a political agenda to this course. It is to have a government that operates as it should, lawfully, an informed electorate and informed officials of all parties! 
Larry Mayo

 Fall Sussex County Classes start September 29th Thursday at 6:30 PM and will continue through the 7-week course ending November 3rd before the General Election. The GPS address at our Georgetown location is:

Old Paths Church Of Christ

18295 Redden Road

Georgetown DE 19947