DEGOP Changing of the Guard

Posted on 07-16-2023

Greetings from your newly elected Chair of the Delaware GOP! 
I am both humbled and honored to have been chosen to lead the Delaware GOP.
I am also EXCITED and ENERGIZED and hope that my enthusiasm is contagious!

We have much that we need to accomplish, and time is of the essence.

For this first email I want to share what I view as the first priorities:
1. Get an Executive Director in place.  Not only do our bylaws require it, but a full-time person devoted to only the DEGOP is NECESSARY. 
 2. Figure out our financial position.
3. Fill the Standing Committees required by our bylaws
4. Create the following committees:
Messaging/Publicity Committee that works with the Communications Director.  The Messaging/Publicity Committee would develop a clear and effective message and project a unifying message that attracts not only Republicans but all voters.  The Committee would also work with the Communications Director to coordinate the power of not only social media but paper media, press releases, blogs, video blogs etc.
Candidate Committee.  This committee needs to have representatives from all 5 regions.  The committee would be responsible for recruiting and vetting candidates.  Once we have candidates, this committee needs to provide support to our candidates by developing training and templates for websites, push cards, signs etc.
Data & Metrics Committee whose sole mission is data analysis.  A detailed analysis of past elections by election district is going to help us determine which seats we can possibly flip.  
Community Outreach Committee that does two things: (1) targets Republicans that typically do NOT vote and get them involved; and (2) identifies like-minded organizations with like-minded goals and establish relationships.
Election Integrity Committee  The fact of the matter is that many Republican voters have lost hope that their vote counts – we need to show that we are putting things in place to make certain that their voice is heard.

Having traveled up and down this state for the past three years and speaking with voters from all political parties, I can tell you that our policies resonate with more than Republicans.  We CAN get our candidates elected but we need an infrastructure in place to reach not only registered Republicans but all voters and the above priorities help with that infrastructure.

Finally, Conservative radio host Eric Metaxas said “When people fail to speak the price of speaking rises.  As the price of speaking rises still fewer speak out…until a whole culture or nation is silenced.” We aren’t going to be silent anymore….

  Julianne Murray 
Chair Delaware State Republican Party