Dec. 18th. Wreaths across America Millsboro

Posted on 11-27-2021

The event will begin at 10:30 a.m., PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY!  The ceremony will be held on the Parade Grounds located behind the Chapel/Administrative building.  Dress appropriately as you will be outside for at least an hour.
PLEASE – WHENEVER POSSIBLE CARPOOL, there is very limited parking at our cemetery.  If there are no parking spaces available when you arrive you will be directed to park on the roadways.  PLEASE – DO NOT PULL ONTO THE GRASS – NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT!!!  There are sprinkler systems just inches into the grass and the weight of your car will break them.
Remember, it is so important to stand before a veterans’ grave and “Say Their Names”, SO THEY ARE NEVER FORGOTTEN!
Please be considerate – these are ceremonies to Remember and Honor our Veteran Heroes!!!  It is not a contest to see who can place the most wreaths!
WE CAN NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT WITH WREATH SPONSORSHIPS!  The cost to sponsor a Veterans Remembrance Wreath is $15.00.
When sponsoring wreaths online for the Millsboro cemetery it is necessary that you include the ID information.  The Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Millsboro’s Location ID is – DEVMSU.  Teresa’s Fundraising Group ID is – DE0016.  Teresa’s group is set-up so that for every 2 wreaths sponsored we receive 1 wreath FREE!  The deadline for online sponsorships is November 29, 2021.  You can also call Wreaths Across America at (877)385-9504 to sponsor a wreath.
The ID INFORMATION is so important!  The only difference between the 2 Veteran Cemeteries in Delaware is their LOCATION.  If the proper ID INFORMATION is not included we do not receive those wreaths.  Last year, we had wreaths go to the Bear cemetery because folks didn’t know about this.  Although we are happy to help and support Wreaths Across America at the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Bear – we are working diligently to place a wreath at every Veteran‘s gravesite here in Millsboro, so this is important!
We accept “Grave Specific” requests in Millsboro.  “Grave Specific” means that you have a loved one or friend buried here at the Millsboro cemetery that you would like to sponsor and a place a wreath for.  Please call me at (302)945-4100 if you would like to sponsor and place a “Grave Specific” wreath. I will accept “Grave Specific” requests until November 19, 2021 and then you will have to do them online.  Either way you NEED TO CONTACT ME.  Should you not be able to attend the ceremony, I will gladly have one of my team volunteers lovingly place your wreath for you.  “Grave Specific” gravesites are marked with RED FLAGS – RED FLAGS are a GOOD THING!
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT of Wreaths Across America at our Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Millsboro to REMEMBER AND HONOR our Veteran Heroes during the holiday season!
Teresa Ziegler Townsend
Wreaths Across America
Location Coordinator
Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Millsboro