DE General Assembly Denies Public Bid Process

Posted on 01-27-2023

By voting for the mini-bond bill on Thursday, January 26, the Delaware General Assembly denied Delaware businesses the protection of the public bidding process. This protection is in place so that your government cannot discriminate or favor one business over another. It ensures that the government must look subjectively at measures like quality of work, experience, and pricing when it considers public bids.

The 2023 mini-bond bill made union membership a prerequisite for earning a percentage of bids for these several projects and will set a dangerous precedent for labor agreements in the future. This bill also disproportionately disadvantages minority-owned businesses by favoring unions since labor statistics in Delaware show that the vast majority of Latino-owned businesses and Latino workers are not members of union organizations.

To be clear, I am pro-union and pro-free shop. I want Delawareans to have an opportunity to work with and for any business they choose, and our infrastructure is in critical need of repair. What I am against is the government setting up a prerequisite for any membership to receive a public bid. I would be against our government setting up a prerequisite for free shops as well. The public bid process has been set in place to invest taxpayer money in a fair, fiscally responsible way and to avoid any perceived or actual conflicts of interest.

Click here to watch: DE General Assembly denies Public Bid Process

After several hours of suspended session on what was to be the final day of the Delaware House Chamber of Representatives, what appeared to be an orderly beginning turned out to be anything but… Were you watching?

About photo: ” Thank you Kevin Andrade of The Voice Radio and Marco Morales of Morales Builders for joining us in fighting SB 35. This bill will mandate that the bond projects will be forced to use union companies. There are many variables that go into choosing a competitive bid with public money including reputation, costs, experience, and ability for the company to perform the job. Whether they are a member of a union or not should not be a prerequisite.”