D.C. Trip to Support President Trump and #stopthesteal

Posted on 01-01-2021

We the People, Fellow Patriots, please join us on what will likely be the most important trip to DC in our lifetimes.  President Trump asked for our support and it is expected to surpass the turnout for the million-man march November 14th that many of us attended.  These are unprecedented times, and as the majority we will continue to make our voices heard, support our country, our president and our future.  

 A few important points about the trip.

Please arrive on time!

We will depart Dover at 5:00 AM Sharp as President Trump asked we be in DC at 7:00 AM Sharp.

We will meet in the parking lot at Food Lion by Dover Air Force Base  Located at 250 Gateway S Blvd,Dover, DE 19901

Please bring food and drink for the day, at the last march there were only a few vendors to support a VERY large crowd.   Dress appropriately, wear comfortable shoes and plan on standing and walking. We do not recommend bringing chairs; however, that is your choice.  The last march in DC was an incredibly patriotic day, peaceful and momentous; we expect the same at this event.   Although we plan to stick together the best we can, (and this event is at Capitol Building rather than a march).  It’s important that we understand that the scheduling of the arrival and departure are to be punctual.

At the march on November 14th. it was noticeable that text and data communications were very limited, please note the pickup location and create an alarm on your phone to alert you of the time to begin making your way to  Harry’s Restaurant 436 11th. Street N.W Washington DC   which is our pickup location. If you do not have a smart phone with GPS maps it’s important you familiarize yourself with the streets and walking directions.

It goes without saying, but if YOU or ANYONE you are in close contact with have been experiencing ANY cold like symptoms, or fever please do not attend the trip. Your fare is non-refundable with the exception of cancellation due to COVID restrictions or issuance of a State of Emergency by President Trump!!!

This is going to be an incredible day with a great group of Delaware Patriots who will stand together for God, Country and President Trump.  Please share this event with friends and be sure to invite friends and family to join you. 75 Million Americans voted and together we can Make America Great Again. 

Here is the link to the reservations page: 
 https://delexpress.com/single-day-bus-tours/ .
 Select “Day Tours” and then “MAGA Rally”
Cost is $40 per person, roundtrip.

There is A LOT of interest for sure!  We can get additional busses as needed and want as many Patriot Americans as possible out on this special day.