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Posted on 08-17-2022

Greetings Team Murray!
I spoke at 4 different events last week and will continue to spread the word every chance I can get.
On the vote-by-mail front, we are in the process of briefing right now and will argue it before the end of August.  I expect that it will be appealed to the Delaware Supreme Court on an expedited basis either way.

To the groups that I am speaking to, I am saying that if this law is upheld as constitutional, it does NOT mean we cannot win in November.  The 2022 version of VBM does not provide for people to get ballots unsolicited – they must be requested – and the person requesting must give name, birthday and DE ID number (either license or state ID).  The entries must be valid and match the DOE records or a ballot cannot be requested.  I tried putting in incorrect information on purpose to see if I could request a ballot and I could not.  Furthermore, because I ran in 2020, we know who voted by mail.  We are already posturing ourselves to contact those voters in advance if we have to.  I still maintain that SB320 is unconstitutional, but the PA Supreme Court just upheld their VBM, and the constitutions are very similar.  Stay tuned.

Finally, people have asked me why I adopted the phrase FEARLESS.  Because where there is faith there is no fear…..keep praying and stay faithful.  We are going to prevail.
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