Check out New Legislation Pages on SCRWC website!

Posted on 04-20-2022

Greetings, fellow Republicans,

Please see the note below from Kathy Enedy, a member of the SCRWC Wix team.

Marilyn Booker, Chair

Sussex County Republican Committee


Keeping up with the legislation in Dover is very important to Republicans of all ages up and down our state.  However, because it is also very fluid, it can be challenging.  The new SCRWC webpages were designed as a tool to make it easier for Republicans to make their voices heard on important issues. These pages are updated weekly because the content is so dynamic.


Patti Lester, SCRWC Chair of Legislation Committee, tracks legislation and updates the information. The SCRWC Wix Team (Carolyn Grob – Webmaster, Denise Perez and Kathy Enedy) put that information on the SCRWC website.


Attached are three PDF files that show how to navigate these new pages. The Legislative Update page is the main page. The Contact Your Representative and Letter to Your Editor pages are sub tabs.


Hopefully this tool will help more Republicans speak out about important issues and move the dial.




Kathy Enedy

SCRWC Wix Team